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Based on Heat Plus infrared film , you can create comfortable and economical warm floors for any floor covering.

Linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet, wood, tiles, marble, porcelain stoneware and other materials can be used as a floor covering for warm floor Heath Plus.

The underfloor heating system can be used both without a screed (for light coverings: linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet) and installed under the screed with the subsequent installation of almost any floor covering (as a rule - ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware). For ceramic coatings, a unique technology of mounting Premium films directly onto the screed has been developed. In this case, the fixing film and the tile uses special adhesive compositions. Rated power of the film is from 75 to 220 W per meter. This film is well suited for heating in areas with large losses of heat, a warm floor in the bathroom, or other places where a higher temperature of the floor covering, but can be successfully applied in areas which do not require high heat.

Advantages of

warm floor Heath Plus


2-3 times less energy consumption in comparison with other heating systems


Quick and even floor heating for 5-10 minutes. [:uaШвидкий і рівномірний нагрів підлогового покриття за 5-10 хвилин.


Suitable for any room, structure and type of floor covering


Simple and functional control with thermostats with programming

Reliability and safety

15-year warranty on infrared film without maintenance.

Easy installation

Installation for 1 day, does not require screed and additional construction work

Installation of a film warm floor Heath Plus

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