Heat Plus ECO

Heat Plus ECO film is used as a heating element in heating, heating and warm floors. In combination with other materials TM Heat Plus, it is ideal for laying under light coatings (linoleum, laminate, carpet, parquet, etc.). Also, it is possible to use a film under the screed, for laying heavy coatings (tiles, marble, etc.). The width in the standard film class ranges from 40 to 100 cm, which makes it possible to lay in any places, including narrow passages, and to apply film in heating devices. The maximum power from 30 to 300 W / m., Which allows you to flexibly approach the use of the film, applying it both to objects with low permissible power, and in rooms with a sufficiently high heat loss. The principle of the action of heating film Heat Plus Standart is based on transformation of electrical energy into thermal infrared radiation. The key role in this process is played by the carbon layer, which serves as a converter of electricity to heat.

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