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Heat Plus Premium film is an infrared film with a continuous carbon layer. It is used as a heating element in heating, heating and warm floors. In combination with other materials TM Heat Plus, it is ideal for laying as under light coatings (linoleum, laminate, carpet, parquet, etc.), and on the screed under heavy ceramic coatings. Premium film is a film of the third generation, created using the technology of solid carbon deposition. Due to the multilayer structure it not only has high resistance to high temperatures, but also high strength and reliability. Also in the coating of the film there is an ionizing layer, which creates a positive ionizing effect and improves the microclimate in the room. This class of films is technologically designed for use as light coatings (laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpet, etc.) in places where heat is blocked, and for laying on screed for ceramic coatings. In the second case, special glue compositions are used to fix the film and tiles. Maximum film thickness from 75 to 220 watts per meter. Such a film is good for heating in rooms with large heat losses, a warm floor in the bathroom, or elsewhere - where a higher flooring temperature is required, but can also be used successfully in rooms where high heat transfer is not required.

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