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Heat Plus Heating Textile are infrared films of the latest generation that are designed to meet all safety requirements, especially for mobile heating conditions: - high efficiency; - high profitability; - strength and reliability; - possibility of multiple bending. In combination with other TM Heat Plus materials, heating and heating systems, heated floors, heating appliances, mobile heating are ideal. Can be laid for any cover. Heath Plus Heating Textile is a protected film of the fourth generation of an innovative structure. The basis of the film is a grid treated with electroconductive carbon. Fiberglass yarn and polymer thread are interwoven into the mesh. This structure provides not only high strength and reliability, but also increased efficiency, as well as lower power consumption. The maximum power of the film is 216 and 360 W/m. allows you to effectively heat rooms with large heat losses and use a film in heating appliances. The current-carrying copper thread is very thin (0.27 mm in diameter) and has a continuous path through the entire length of the fabric. The patented method allows to increase the number of woven metallic conductor threads into carbon fabric, thanks to this, the total area of ​​the conductor is 2.5 mm2. Copper conductor thread perfectly integrates with carbon fabric, using textile processes.

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