Heating and heating systems

Home Heating and heating systems

Based on the Heat Plus infrared film, it is possible to create efficient and economical heating and local heating systems for all buildings and premises.

The flexibility and versatility of the installation technology allows you to lay heating tape under any floor coverings, walls and ceiling.

Strength and temperature characteristics of materials from TM Heath Plus make it possible to create anti-icing and snow melting systems, to apply film for external installation under asphalt and paving stones.

A wide assortment of sizes and capacities allows as much as possible to fill the big areas, and to create compact heating devices.

Advantages of

heating system Heath Plus


2-3 times less energy consumption in comparison with other heating systems


The efficiency of the system is more than 90%. Almost all electricity is converted into heat


Suitable for any room, structure and type of floor covering


Simple and functional control with thermostats with programming

Fast start

Warm up any room from scratch in just 20-30 minutes

Easy installation

Installation for 1 day, does not require screed and additional construction work

Installation of infrared film Heath Plus

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