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effective infrared heating Heat Plus

In an hour of work, 1 m2 of Heat Plus cover consumes 10 to 60 watts of electricity, which is several times less than similar models of warm floors that consume between 200 and 250 watts for the same period of time.

The solid carbon coating provides not only instantaneous heating of the floors, but also has a thermoregulation system. When the desired room temperature is reached, Heat Plus floors are automatically switched off. The resumption of the system operation also occurs in automatic mode after the air temperature drops by 3-5 degrees.

The use of warm floors Heat Plus makes it possible to further reduce energy consumption with the proper choice of coverage. The most economical are screed, ceramic tile, laminate, linoleum, carpet.

The operating time of the Heat Plus heating system per day does not exceed 6-10 hours, while similar models require at least 13-18 hours daily to maintain the set room temperature. In the case when Heat Plus floors are used as an additional source of heating, their working time is reduced by 20-30%.

Thus, the operating time of the system will be 6-10 hours per day, but for analogues - 13-18 hours. If you use a film, as additional heating, the operating time of the system will decrease by approximately 20-30%. In conditions when heat and electric carriers are constantly becoming more expensive, each person is interested in saving energy and reducing costs associated with heating the premises. In this respect, Heat Plus infrared warm floors have proven themselves on the best side. When using them, the energy consumption per 1 m2 of coverage is from 10 to 60 W per hour, while similar designs, which are characterized by rather low efficiency, "eat" up to 250 W.

It is also worth noting that the warm floors of Heat Plus are equipped with a thermoregulation system. This means that as soon as the room air temperature has reached the required mark, the system automatically turns off, which saves considerable energy. It is necessary to cool down the air a little, and Heat Plus floors will turn on automatically. As a result, from 24 hours a day Heat Plus heating systems operate for a maximum of 6-10 hours, while other models of warm floors are forced to heat the room for at least 13-18 hours a day.

It must also be taken into account that the right choice of flooring also helps to reduce the costs associated with electricity consumption. Heat Plus systems allow using not only traditional tiles and laminate, but also linoleum, carpet, parquet. In some cases it is allowed to lay Heat Plus floors under a normal carpet. Similar systems, which do not have an increased safety, can only be used with a tiled coating. Either use a thick concrete screed during installation, which is not practical, and also significantly increases the power consumption due to low thermal conductivity.

As a result, if you compare the work of the heating system Heat Plus and analogues of other manufacturers, it turns out that the difference in electricity consumption can be 5-7 times. Ultimately, the amount saved by using Heat Plus floors in one heating season can be several hundred dollars.

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