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Does not dry the air?

Heat Plus floors heat not the air, but the surrounding objects, which subsequently give their warmth to the atmosphere. Therefore, during operation, the system does not burn oxygen and does not pollute the air in the room. In addition, the directional action of infrared rays makes you feel comfortable, even if the room has not yet warmed up, since they penetrate the human body by 2-4 mm.

Those who have used warm floors know firsthand that apart from a number of advantages, such systems also have certain drawbacks. First of all, it is air drying and burning of oxygen, which invariably accompany the process of heating the premises with the use of warm floors on the basis of cable mats. Therefore, there are cases when, having installed such systems in the bedroom and leaving them switched on for the night, people wake up in the morning with severe headache and nausea. The reason for this - the lack of oxygen, which leads to poisoning the body with carbon dioxide.

In addition, it is not a secret for anyone that to ensure a normal state of health, the air breathed by a person should be not only clean, but also sufficiently moist. Observe the indoor plants that are in the room where the usual warm floors are installed. Within a week of active exploitation of such a system, flowers begin to turn yellow, lose leaves and, in the end, die. Of course, the work of such systems is not so catastrophically affected by human health, but many complain that the use of warm floors leads to drying of not only air, but also skin, which starts to inflame and flake.

To avoid such problems, it is worth giving preference to the infra-red floors Heat Plus, which, unlike analogues, do not heat the air, but give their heat to the objects that are in the room. In turn, furniture and walls, the surface, which, as a result of using the Heat Plus system, increases the temperature, heats up the air, which always remains clean and fairly humid. The principle of action of warm floors Heat Plus is based on the use of long-wavelength infrared rays, which not only affect the surrounding objects, but also the human body..

Thus, people who are in a room where Heat Plus systems are installed, always feel warm and comfortable, even if the ambient temperature remains low enough.

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