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safety of infrared heating and Heat Plus films

Heat Plus heating system, unlike 2-3-layer analogues (Korea, Ukraine, Russia), has eight protective layers. Each of them performs its tasks, reliably protecting the carbon from moisture and mechanical damage. In addition, the protective layers provide resistance to high temperatures (melting 220C).

When connecting contacts in heating systems Heat Plus clips-connectors are used. After soldering, the contacts are isolated twice - thus, maximum protection against moisture and air is achieved, which helps to prevent oxidation and corrosion of the metal.

The basis of the heating element in warm floors Heat Plus is carbon, which is not a conductor of thermal and electrical energy, performing only the function of the radiator.

In addition, if the coating is damaged, the system continues to work without posing a threat to life and health, which can not be said for analogs, in the event of failure of which short circuits and electric shock are possible. The use of warm floors involves a certain risk. In addition to the fact that such systems are very often out of order, there is always a chance of moisture entering the heating elements, as well as their mechanical damage, which, at best, will lead to a short circuit. That is why today, manufacturers of warm floors are striving to maximize the protection of systems and, thereby, minimize the lawsuit of occurrence of abnormal situations that pose a threat to people's lives.

In this respect, Heat Plus infrared warm floors can boast of increased safety. First of all, because the carbon used in their installation is not a heat and electrically conductive material, but only serves as an infrared radiator. Therefore, the probability of electric shock by using this heating system is minimized. In addition, all the contacts in Heat Plus heat floors are attached by clip system that is reliable. In addition, the contacts are provided with a double insulation system, which reliably protects them from moisture and air, preventing oxidation and corrosion.

It is also worth noting that Heat Plus floors have an 8-layer protection system, while in analogues of other manufacturers a maximum of 2-3 layers are used. This allows you to prevent moisture from entering the system, even if the apartment is a breakdown of central heating batteries or accidentally flooded by neighbors. In addition, a durable coating is insensitive to temperature changes and is fairly resistant to mechanical damage. If, for any reason, the integrity of the coating is compromised, the Heat Plus system continues to operate normally, without endangering human life.

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