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ionization of air by infrared film heat plus

An interesting property of the infrared heating system "Heat Plus" is the increase in the concentration of negatively charged ions in the room. In city air, the working infrared film "Heat Plus" will increase the content of negatively charged ions by 4 times.

anion radiation (ionization of air)

Anion (from the Greek ana - up and ion - going), a negatively charged ion in an electric field moves to a positive electrode - an anode.
Anions have a beneficial effect on the human body (ionization of air). Anions, connecting with the oxygen of the air, form ionized oxygen, which can improve the immune properties of the human body and prevent many diseases. The anions are purified, sterilized and antiseptic. The anion generation (ionization) function is automatically activated when the heater is turned on. Ionization of air (the acquisition by air of electrical charges - aeroions) is a natural process occurring in nature under the influence of various natural factors.

therapeutic effect of air ionization

Ionization of air is necessary to create in the premises the optimum concentration of negatively charged ions, which are necessary for normal vital activity of the organism. The ion-deprived air is "dead", worsens health and leads to diseases. We are hard at transferring crowded places, where a lot of people gather. A person releases positive ions with breathing. Working electric heaters, screens of displays and TVs also produce positive ions. This is confirmed by the numerous experiments of A.L. Chizhevsky and other scientists. A.L. Chizhevsky proved that negative ions of air are biologically beneficial, and positive ions have a harmful effect on the body.

examples of natural ionization of air

For comparison, the natural concentration of negative ions in the open air is 1000 .. 10,000 ions /cm3, and in the room drops to 40 .. 100 ions / cm3.

  • Sea surf When the liquid is sprayed, small droplets of it are charged negatively, and when they evaporate they give up their charge to the air, and saturate it with negative ions.

  • In the mountains also it's easy to breathe. There, ionization is enhanced due to a stronger flux of ultraviolet rays, unaffected by the atmosphere. During a thunderstorm, ionization occurs due to electrical discharges.

  • Ionization of air reduces the toxicity of the air and cleans it of dust, microbes. Suspended particles of dirt and dust are electrified and settle on the ceiling, walls, floor. The air is purified.

  • Currently Korean medicine, skin departments, orthopedics, etc. use newly developed apparatus using infrared radiation.

the effect of negatively charged ions

In the atmosphere there is a large number of microscopic particles of air (ions) with a weak electric charge. Positively charged ions (cations) move to the negative pole, and negatively charged, moving to the positive pole are called anions. They are formed under the influence of a large amount of energy per atom or molecule.

common properties

It has been proved that the dependence of the concentration in the atmosphere of negatively charged (-) ions has a positive effect in the treatment. The content of more than 1000 anions per 1 m3 increases the activity of the brain, eliminates the effects of tension and anxiety, manifested in asthmatic symptoms and migraines, suppresses the production of histamine, which causes respiratory diseases, increases the ionization of the mineral components of the blood, promotes relaxation, alkalization of the circulatory environment, strengthens respiratory functions immune system.

individual properties


Due to the high concentration of negative ions in a pine forest, close to waterfalls or fountains, we feel particularly good, can truly relax and feel energized.

Antioxidant effect on body cells

Negatively charged ions give their electron to active forms of oxygen, which prevents oxidation of cells and increased formation of free radicals (the reduction reaction). Activates the action of the body's defenses.

Blood alkalinity

Negatively charged ions have a blood transformation effect, i. E. convert oxidized blood into moderately alkaline. Activates metabolic processes of the body at the intercellular level, promotes relaxation.

Strengthening of the nervous and endocrine system

Promotes the improvement of the functions of the autonomic nervous system, the normalization of endocrine system functions, has a positive effect on the central and peripheral nervous system, increases the blood-forming abilities of the organism. Strengthening immunity helps to increase overall tone and resistance of the body to various diseases. It has a positive effect on lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and nervous system, which normalizes the functioning of all organs and systems of the body, regulates the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system

Antioxidant and antiseptic properties

The antioxidant effect of negatively charged ions has deodorizing and antiseptic properties, which are actively used to preserve the freshness of flowers or fish. Negatively charged ions are sometimes also called air vitamins

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